Jilly Henderson McDermott Art

To see a selection of current paintings available for sale stroll instagram @jillyhendersonmcdermott for daily inspiration. Below is a glimpse inside my portfolio. 

Please email for painting commissions and pricing at in.originate@hotmail.ca. 

Jilly Henderson McDermott's  art is more abstract in nature and uses mixed media. Her paintings are focused on abstract florals and textures.  The Blossom Storm Collections are the most poignant to Jilly. These paintings all reflect the idea to keep "blooming" and see the beauty in a storm. As life is heavily textured and layered in abstract emotions, Jilly's paintings reflect this in the many layers, textures and colours she uses. The painterliness of Jilly's work is expressed with bold brushstrokes, softly mottled tones and composition. Each one of her paintings is inspired by poetry, quotes or word stories.

A selection of paintings in my Portfolio.....

She is kind. A change agent. She illuminates darkness. Determined. Discerning. Fire burns in her soul. She flys in adversity. She loves. She is thankful.  Sketchbook Style - Self Portrait.

all designs and artwork are property of Jilly Henderson McDermott and can not be copied or reproduced without permission.